How to Ace Coding Interviews. The Ultimate Guide

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Why should you read this guide?


How to prepare


How to practice

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Emulate the interview set-up

Expand your toolbox

const vector<vector<int>> dirs = {{1,0}, {-1,0}, {0, 1}, {0, -1}};
for (const auto& d:dirs) {
const nextRow = row + d[0];
const nextCol = col + d[1];

Keep a log of common mistakes you make


Tech knowledge

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What you should know

Data structures


Programming languages

More resources

MIT courses on algorithms

Introduction to algorithms

Elements of programming interviews

Cracking the coding interview

Mistakes to avoid

1. Not preparing

2. Not communicating what you think

3. Not asking clarifying questions

4. Solving the wrong problem

5. Wasting time

6. Not testing your code

7. Not debugging it

8. Poor time and space analysis

9. Going for the optimal solution

10. Not being fluent enough in your language of choice

11. Edge cases

12. Low-quality code

13. “Hacking” mistakes away

14. Jumping straight into code

15. Not managing space well enough

16. Asking for feedback at the end


Example 1


Example 2



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