To understand recursion, you must understand recursion. I will show you 13 different ways to traverse a tree to compare recursive and iterative implementations. This way, we will kill two birds with one stone: recursion and data structures and algorithms.

“Bad programmers worry about the code. Good programmers worry about data structures and their relationships.”

Linus Torvalds

Recursion, iteration, and how to traverse a tree are useful skills to have and common in interview questions. Do not risk failing your next job interview because you didn’t take the time to read one article.

I assume you have basic coding skills

Do you have the knowledge and skills to design a mobile gaming analytics platform that collects, stores, and analyzes large amounts of bulk and real-time data?

Well, after reading this article, you will.

I aim to take you from zero to hero in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in just one article. I will show you how to:

  • Get started with a GCP account for free
  • Reduce costs in your GCP infrastructure
  • Organize your resources
  • Automate the creation and configuration of your resources
  • Manage operations: logging, monitoring, tracing, and so on.
  • Store your data
  • Deploy your applications and services
  • Create networks…

What is the difference between a junior and a senior developer?

When I first started coding I also felt lost and overwhelmed. I thought I needed to focus only on my coding skills to get promoted to senior. Over time, I realized the difference between a junior and a senior developer.

Senior software engineers design solutions to complex, open-ended problems, with no guidance. They gather requirements, design solutions, tasks, code, deploy and maintain the system. They care about the system’s performance, security, testing, extensibility, scaling, instrumentation, and maintainability.

This is something I later learned as part of a training session at Amazon on how to move to the next level. They…

This is the article I wish I had read when I started coding. I will dive deep into 20 problem-solving techniques that you must know to excel at your next interview. They have helped me at work too and even given me ideas for a side project I am working on. Also, the last section includes a step-by-step guide explaining how to learn data structures and algorithms, with examples.

Furthermore, I recommend you read this post, where I outlined a high-level strategy to prepare for your next coding interview as well as the top mistakes to avoid.

I have grouped…

Why should you read this guide?

I have been in tons of coding interviews. Sometimes as an interviewee and sometimes as an interviewer. I have struggled in front of the whiteboard and I have seen many candidates struggle. I will distill my experience in this article to help you ace coding interviews.

Getting a job at a FAANG company (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) can provide you, among other things, the following benefits:

  • Great compensation
  • Fantastic working environment
  • Challenging work
  • Smart colleagues
  • An impressive CV

I did it and I can tell you it is absolutely worth it.

This will not be another ‘How to crack…

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What is dynamic programming and why should you care about it?

In this article, I will introduce the concept of dynamic programming, developed by Richard Bellman in the 1950s, a powerful algorithm design technique to solve problems by breaking them down into smaller problems, storing their solutions, and combining these to get to the solution of the original problem.

The hardest problems asked in FAANG coding interviews usually fall under this category. It is likely that you will get tasked with solving one during your interviews, hence the importance of knowing this technique. …

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